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A Lot On My Plate


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A Lot On My Plate

As part of my monthly newsletter, I will be sharing short interviews with friends and creatives who have a lot on their plate. 2020 has been a year of pivoting, side hustles and new ventures for lots of creatives and I want to check in and see how they're going, how it's treating them and what they're eating!

For interview #2, I'm checking in with flower extraordinaire, Gina Lasker of Melbourne floral studio, Georgie Boy. Gina is known for her incredible floral masterpieces, mostly servicing events around Victoria, so when events essentially  ceased in 2020, she flipped her business into a flower delivery service. Buy a Bunch, the weekly delivery service, has been a huge hit.

How has lockdown affected your working habits?

Well, we went from a full calendar of event work to nothing basically overnight. It was shocking to say the least. I decided to start a delivery service called BUY A BUNCH after a few requests from clients. It started as a way to support our growers and bring a little much needed joy to the community but it's turned into something that has really kept us going and I'm so grateful for the support.

It's definitely given me some routine as opposed to event work which is much more erratic and multi-faceted. I've also had the opportunity to connect and work with excellent people and organisations like Free To Feed, Fig and Salt and Torte By Mirjana.

The old adage goes, some eat to live, others live to eat. Where would you place yourself?

Live to eat! (As if there's any other answer) Is there anything more comforting than a good meal? Gathering for meals is a big part of my culture and how I was brought up. It often informs where I want to travel and the people I gravitate towards. I dated someone who could eat cereal for every meal... it didn't work out.

Have you learned to cook anything new during lockdown?

We've been doing a weekly dumpling night with some friends (from afar). Each week is a different cuisine and it has been everything from, gyoza to pierogi to empanadas. Needless to say, dumpling is a loose term. I'm a coeliac so I've been trying to make gluten free dumplings - let's just say I'm still recipe testing. My partner, Dan made these incredible Baja Fish Tacos which were a riff on this recipe here.

Where will be the first place you go to eat when things open back up?

Probably to Longplay for some risotto and martinis.

Could you share with us some of the music that’s been getting you through the past few months?

I've been listening to a bit of Nick Cave's Ghosteen and Laura Marling's new album but also this playlist I stumbled upon called Chilled Cow. It's a moody time over here but I usually sway between podcast and music. I'm in a real podcast swing at the moment - Nice White Parents, WTF, Where Should We Begin, The Daily are on high rotation.

What do you most look forward to when restrictions ease?

In the least original but most honest way - having lots of people over for meals again. Dan and I were constantly doing that and there is absolutely no greater joy in my life! Also, would love to get to Sydney and New Zealand to visit our families and do the same there. Driving up and down the coast for the day. Lazy days in the park with friends and food. Dinners out that turn into rambling conversations which turn into one too many jalapeño margaritas which turn into the suggestion of a D-floor which turns into me being very enthusiastic but then actually just heading home to bed.